A multi-sensor IoT tracker

with exceptional battery performance

Looking for a reliable multi-sensor IoT device? Check out the ioTracker - a highly configurable device that supports firmware updates and is a perfect fit for many use cases, including personal safety. With its panic button feature, the ioTracker can be used to quickly send an alert in case of an emergency.

About ioTracker

The main features

Indoor and outdoor positioning You can use the following techniques for high precision localisation: GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.1 and LoRa triangulation

Excellent battery performance The ioTracker has an exceptional battery performance, which operates from -20° up to +65° Celsius and lasts from a couple of months up to several years, depending on your usage

Industrial, waterproof enclosure The ioTracker is IP68 qualified (waterproof up to a depth of 1 meter, for a duration of 2 hours). Dimensions: 57,4x33.4x18.7 mm

Emergency button, buzzer and LED The emergency button has multiple configurations and the buzzer and LED have an alarm and feedback function

Internal sensors The ioTracker contains high precision internal sensors for measuring temperature, light, shocks, position and optional humidity and pressure

Firmware updates and LoRaWAN connectivity The ioTracker supports firmware updates over-the-air (FOTA) and uses LoRaWAN communication for sending the sensor payload

ioTracker 3


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The ioTracker 3 stands out for its compactness, durability, and adaptability. Personally, I believe it's one of the very best LoRaWAN devices on the market.

Simon Kemper

Simon Kemper

The ioTracker is easy to install and it works without any extra infrastructure.

Christian Hasenfratz

Christian Hasenfratz

The ioTracker is a reliable and stable device with a solid housing.

Benjamin Lieber

Benjamin Lieber

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