ioTracker for Emergency & Safety

Keep your people safe with our multi-sensor emergency panic button

Do you want to Keep Your People Safe and Protected?

The ioTracker emergency panic button helps you!

Looking for a reliable multi-sensor IoT device? Check out the ioTracker - a highly configurable device that supports firmware updates and is a perfect fit for many use cases, including personal safety. With its panic button feature, the ioTracker can be used to quickly send an alert in case of an emergency.

The ioTracker offers a range of mounting options, including a belt clip, wall mount, or punch hole, to suit your specific needs and preferences. With highly configurable button modes and actions, an integrated buzzer and LED, the ioTracker ensures you stay connected and informed in any situation.

Instantly access critical sensor data, including location, shocks, temperature, light intensity, and optionally humidity and pressure information, simply by pressing the button on the ioTracker. Additionally, all sensor data is sent on a heartbeat interval, allowing you to stay informed and make informed decisions in real-time. This data can help improve your emergency triage and follow-up capabilities, enabling faster and more effective response times.

The ioTracker is the ideal solution for security guards and personnel in large school campuses, providing a reliable way to send emergency signals in dangerous situations. The ioTracker offers peace of mind and increased safety for all.

Emergency button
Man-down alerting
People localisation
Visitor registration
Technical alerting

We are happy to help you find the best solution for your organisation, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Elderly care

Elderly care

Make sure your loved ones always have an emergency button within reach with the ioTracker. Simply attach it to a lanyard or walker for easy accessibility. Caregivers can also view the current location, ensuring peace of mind for everyone involved.

Lone worker

Lone worker

The ioTracker can function as an emergency button for engineers working independently in hazardous environments. With the device, they can quickly call for help in case of an emergency. Additionally, the ioTracker features a man down function that can automatically detect and report falls or accidents.

The ioTracker can be used for

The ioTracker 3 is a versatile device that serves various purposes. This highly configurable device can be customized to meet your specific business requirements, making it an excellent choice for optimizing your operations.

Emergency button Use the ioTracker as a versatile emergency button for alarm messages

Person localisation Always know the location of personnel and use this information in emergency situations

Man-down alerting Use the emergency button to indicate if there is an emergency and detect if someone has fallen

Visitor registration Use the push button as a visitor registration system in remote areas

Monitoring Measure whether the sensordata remains within safe margins

Technical alarm Receive an alarm notification when technical errors occur

Emergency & Safety


Discover how seamlessly you can integrate the ioTracker into your custom application. Access an open-source JavaScript payload decoder readily available on GitHub.

Unlock the full potential of the ioTracker, which is available as a versatile template compatible with various LoRaWAN network servers and IoT applications.

Explore our accessible platform, where you can easily access device location information and sensor data.

Easy Configurable

Simplify the process of tailoring configurations to meet your unique business requirements. Our suite of tools includes the web application "Configurator" and an Android app, designed to empower you.

Unlock the ability to craft configuration templates seamlessly using our "Configurator" tool and conveniently transmit them to the ioTracker through the app via Bluetooth.

All the settings of the ioTracker can also be changed — over-the-air (OTAA) — via a downlink command, allowing you to reconfigure your ioTrackers wherever they are.

The "Configurator" application can be used to generate downlinks instantly.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Integrate with the ioTracker

  • Option 1

    Use the ioTracker applications and easily integrate your own software with our API

  • Option 2

    Integrate de ioTracker directly in your own software (hardware-only)

  • Option 3

    Use the services of one of our trusted integrators:



    Datacake is a modern, user-friendly IoT platform offering flexible low-code options. With Datacake, you can track assets in real-time and receive alerts via SMS or email during emergencies. Our ioTracker 3 is seamlessly integrated with a comprehensive template, facilitating a smooth start on all prevalent LoRaWAN networks. Dive into its capabilities with a free trial account for up to 5 devices. This includes a Managed Helium version, allowing you to commence without any need for an LNS or Gateway.

    Serinus GmbH


    Serinus GmbH is an expert in the field of smart alarming. They offer a highly configurable cloud solution for German but also international customers.



    Swissphone has developed an extensive alarm system in the cloud. The system has many connections with external parties, is highly configurable and easy to use. This makes it applicable in many alarm situations.


    The Netherlands

    X-Guard offers a security solution for every profession. For two decades, our mission has been “Everyone, Everywhere, Safe”. X-Guard offers different packages for every situation, per person or per hour.



    AudioText Telecom AG offers easy integration in the field of alarming for life and technology.

    Interfaces like BACnet, OPC UA, LoRa, ESPA 4.4.4, I/O, SIP, etc. are their daily bread.

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    Become our partner. Are you interested in integrating the ioTracker into your own products or services? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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