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A Dutch company with a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of IoT

About us

ioThings is a Dutch company and was established in 2016 by three technology enthusiasts with a professional background in electronics, security, IT and telecom. Due to the unique skills of our employees, we are able to facilitate complete product development in-house. We adopt the latest and greatest techniques to develop user friendly, innovative and high-quality Internet of Things products, which solve real-world issues. We love to work pragmatically and interact with you to find the best solution for your challenge. Feel free to contact our excellent support department.

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Our products are made with quality, performance, stability and energy efficiency in mind. These characteristics ensure that our customers can work with reliable products which help them to solve concrete business issues. Because of our continuous innovation process, new software will come available for existing and new products. Our customers can rely on those updates so they always have an up-to-date device with the latest features, stability and security version.


It’s our belief that the best innovations occur when you are doing the things you love and excite you. You can`t be an expert in everything, so we think it’s important to focus on the things where you are good at. We also believe that our open, honest and straightforward culture will lay the foundation of strong and long-term collaborations and partnerships.

Our people

Bert Tilmans

Bert Tilmans

Loves security & embedded software

Bert has more than 10 years of professional experience as an ethical hacker and security officer. He provided various security audits and implementations for large companies at home and abroad for his previous employer Deloitte. In addition, he has led various projects for the company oneUp, in which a startup mentality and approach was the success factor. At ioThings he focuses on establishing a safe infrastructure for our services. He also has experience with writing embedded software and takes care of part of the firmware development.

Grad van Horck

Grad van Horck

Loves applications

Grad has over 15 years of professional experience in software development. He’s also a software architect and he has experience in designing and setting up large, complex and scalable environments, using modern software stacks. At ioThings, he is responsible for the design of the IT architecture and develops the applications that we and our customers use.

Ruud van Helden

Ruud van Helden

Loves hardware & embedded software

Ruud has over 15 years of professional experience in electrical engineering. He worked for an electrical engineering company for 12 years, where he set up the hardware department. He gained a lot of experience in the field of prototyping, but also in making products suitable for large-scale production. Within ioThings, he takes care of the hardware development and managing the production. In addition, he is also an expert at writing embedded software and therefore takes care of a large part of the firmware development.

Sjors Zanders

Sjors Zanders

Loves the product

Sjors has more than 10 years of experience in product management and productownership. He has managed several product introductions for the large telecom and IT provider KPN / Telfort. As product owner, he was responsible for the companies product roadmap and was the link between the customers, the organisation and the software department. His goal is to develop highly automated, efficient and customer-friendly processes that add as much value as possible to all parties. At ioThings, he is involved in the development of products, the contact with customers and the translation of the customer wishes into a working solution.

The ioTracker

Indoor and outdoor positioning You can use the following techniques for high precision localisation: GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, WiFi, Bluetooth 5.1 and LoRa triangulation

Excellent battery performance The ioTracker has an exceptional battery performance, which operates from -20° up to +65° Celsius and lasts from a couple of months up to several years, depending on your usage

Industrial, waterproof enclosure The ioTracker is IP68 qualified (waterproof up to a depth of 1 meter, for a duration of 2 hours). Dimensions: 57,4x33.4x18.7 mm

Emergency button, buzzer and LED The emergency button has multiple configurations and the buzzer and LED have an alarm and feedback function

Internal sensors The ioTracker contains high precision internal sensors for measuring temperature, light, shocks, position and optional humidity and pressure

Firmware updates and LoRaWAN connectivity The ioTracker supports firmware updates over-the-air (FOTA) and uses LoRaWAN communication for sending the sensor payload

ioTracker 3
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