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With a standard battery life of over 10 years, virtually no maintenance is required. The ioButton can send 1,000,000 messages on SF-7 and 100,000 on SF-12! By default, the ioButton sends a heartbeat message every 4 hours.

Need different settings? No problem! We assist you in optimizing power consumption through online tools and personal support, ensuring the best possible battery life for your application.

Uitstekende batterijduur
Uitstekende batterijduur





Everyone should be able to make an emergency call without further explanation, especially in life-threatening situations. The ioButton is designed so that even a child can operate it. The LEDs, buzzer, and vibration motor provide clear feedback about the emergency call. Even under difficult conditions, clear feedback is provided by the 6 power LEDs and the 90+ dB buzzer.

No buzzer, vibration, or LED feedback desired, or only an emergency call on a double click? No problem! We are happy to help you tailor the configuration to your specific requirements.

EASY installation


 and configuration

Thanks to its long battery life and wireless communication, the ioButton can be installed anywhere. Installation requires no special skills and can be done by anyone using the provided screws or industrial double-sided tape.

Through the online ioTracker Configurator application, a configuration can be easily created and uploaded to the ioButton via Bluetooth using the Android ioTracker Configurator app. With our configuration templates, you can easily start with a solid setup and customize it as needed.

configuration examples

  • Adjusting the heartbeat frequency
  • Modifying the button behavior (single, double, long press, etc.)
  • Changing the behavior and turning the buzzer, LED, and vibration motor on and off
  • Adjusting LoRa settings such as spreading factor
  • And more..
Uitstekende batterijduur
Uitstekende batterijduur

Silent when necessary

In an aggressor situation, you want to avoid further escalation at all times. The ioButton is designed for this and can be configured for silent operation. LEDs and buzzers can be turned off, and pressing the button itself makes no audible click.


The ioTracker 3 (LoRaWAN) features Firmware Updates Over-The-Air, as we understand managing your devices should be as easy as possible. No need to send expensive maintenance engineers onsite to update each IoT device, one at a time. No need for screwdrivers. No need for custom firmware flash tools and cables. ioTracker FOTA works wirelessly and can be managed remotely. All you need is an Internet-connected Wi-Fi network for the ioTracker to connect to.

supported networks

The ioButton has been tested and integrated with these networks. The ioButton is compatible with the LoRaWAN 1.0.3 standard, allowing it to operate on any LoRaWAN network

how it works

Once an Internet-connect Wi-Fi network is configured, via the ioTracker Configurator app or via a LoRaWAN downlink, the ioTracker will download and install the latest compatible ioTracker firmware version. FOTA can be initiated automatically, periodically when the configured Wi-Fi network is detected or upon a LoRaWAN downlink. The FOTA process takes approximately 2 minutes. WPA2 with PSK is supported.


Stay in control

For all ioTrackers, even those bought as hardware-only, current versions of their ioTrackers via our online console, including a timestamp of the last FOTA attempt.

iobutton SPECS

The ioButton is designed as a panic button and features the same extensive configuration options and firmware update features as the ioTracker 3.

Zero maintenance 10+ yr. battery / 100k messages

Easy installation LoRaWAN freedom

Firmware updates Over-the-air via Wi-Fi

Bright status LED ring Dimmable RGD LEDs

Loud buzzer 0-90 dB

Unobtrusive feedback Haptic engine optional

Easy configuration Via mobile app or LoRa

Whitelabel ready Custom stickers


ioButton demo


The ioButton is available through our shop and through our trusted integrators & distributors.

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  • for customer interactions
  • for process automations
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