ioTracker for Supply chain monitoring

A fully customisable and low-maintenance, multi-sensor tracker

Is your supply chain a black box?

The ioTracker helps you!

Looking for a multi-sensor IoT device which has already proven itself in the field? Great! The ioTracker can be delivered as a turn-key solution with our applications (dashboard, apps and API), as well as hardware-only where you make your own implementation via our sophisticated protocol specification.

The ioTracker gives you lots of insights in your supply chain. You can track the location of your assets in- and outdoor and information about the temperature, light intensity, humidity, air pressure and shocks will be available on a self-configured interval. You can install the ioTracker in a quick and rigid way with our versatile mounting system.

This information helps to improve your supply chain, proactively prevent problems and monitor the quality of your products by knowing it was handled within your QC guidelines.

ioTracker is used by a large car manufacturer to get insights in the round-trip times, inventory accuracy and on-time shipping rate within their supply chain. 

KPI monitoring
Process optimisation
Predictive maintenance
Audit and compliance
Theft detection
Quality control

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By placing the ioTracker on a crate with parts, it is possible to track specific parts and monitor them via the various sensors throughout the entire production chain.

Cool box

Cool box

By placing the ioTracker in a cool box, it is possible to track the location during transport and also to monitor the temperature with high accuracy.

The ioTracker can be used for

The ioTracker 3 is a versatile device that serves various purposes. This highly configurable device can be customized to meet your specific business requirements, making it an excellent choice for optimizing your operations.

KPI monitoring The ioTracker gives you the opportunity to measure important KPI's

Quality control The accurate sensors provide the ability to determine the quality of the product

Process optimalisation Use the location and sensor data to optimise processes

Predictive maintenance By applying technical models to the sensor data, it is possible to predict when maintenance is required

Audit and compliance With the ioTracker you can prove that the product has remained within the agreed values

Theft detection Detect theft in your supply chain by viewing the location history

Supply Chain Monitoring


Discover how seamlessly you can integrate the ioTracker into your custom application. Access an open-source JavaScript payload decoder readily available on GitHub.

Unlock the full potential of the ioTracker, which is available as a versatile template compatible with various LoRaWAN network servers and IoT applications.

Explore our accessible platform, where you can easily access device location information and sensor data.

Easy Configurable

Simplify the process of tailoring configurations to meet your unique business requirements. Our suite of tools includes the web application "Configurator" and an Android app, designed to empower you.

Unlock the ability to craft configuration templates seamlessly using our "Configurator" tool and conveniently transmit them to the ioTracker through the app via Bluetooth.

All the settings of the ioTracker can also be changed — over-the-air (OTAA) — via a downlink command, allowing you to reconfigure your ioTrackers wherever they are.

The "Configurator" application can be used to generate downlinks instantly.

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Integrate with the ioTracker

  • Option 1

    Use the ioTracker applications and easily integrate your own software with our API

  • Option 2

    Integrate de ioTracker directly in your own software (hardware-only)

  • Option 3

    Use the services of one of our trusted integrators:



    Datacake is a modern, user-friendly IoT platform offering flexible low-code options. With Datacake, you can track assets in real-time and receive alerts via SMS or email during emergencies. Our ioTracker 3 is seamlessly integrated with a comprehensive template, facilitating a smooth start on all prevalent LoRaWAN networks. Dive into its capabilities with a free trial account for up to 5 devices. This includes a Managed Helium version, allowing you to commence without any need for an LNS or Gateway.

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    Become our partner. Are you interested in integrating the ioTracker into your own products or services? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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