ioTracker for innovation projects

One multi-sensor device to accelerate your innovation

Need to kickstart your innovation tomorrow?

The ioTracker helps you!

Looking for one multi-sensor device to accelerate your innovation, which has already proven itself in the field? Great! The ioTracker can be delivered as a turn-key solution with our applications (dashboard, apps and API), as well as hardware-only where you make your own implementation via our sophisticated protocol specification.

The ioTracker helps to gain lots of insights for your innovation. You can track the location of your assets in- and outdoor, and measure temperature, light intensity, humidity, air pressure and shocks on a self-configured interval. Need more sensor options? Pretty much any sensor can be connected to the ioTracker 3 Pro. 

Innovation is all about the speed of learning. Start learning tomorrow, with ioTracker.

This makes the ioTracker the ideal device to validate multiple use cases. Because of the high quality and stable hardware and firmware, you can continue using the ioTracker in a production environment. 

ioTracker is used by an innovative emergency alerting organisation to smarten an off-the-shelf emergency button by embedding an ioTracker 3.

Smart farming
Smart cities
Smart builings
Smart industries
Smart citizens
Smart healthcare

We are happy to help you find the best solution for your organisation, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

The ioTracker can be used for

The ioTracker 3 is a versatile device that serves various purposes. This highly configurable device can be customized to meet your specific business requirements, making it an excellent choice for optimizing your operations.

Smart farming Optimise your farming processes to achieve an optimal environment for your crops and livestock

Smart cities Monitor, control and automate processes to achieve a safe and livable city

Smart buildings Use our technology to achieve a healthy, sustainable, efficient and safe environment for people and buildings

Smart industries Automate business processes, achieve a safe environment for your personnel and predict maintenance for your machines

Smart citizens Equip citizens with our technology and use the data to get insights in their operations and habitat

Smart healthcare Get insights in your patients to set a better diagnosis, so you can improve threatment



Use the ioTracker applications (dashboard, apps and API) to get insights in the location and sensordata of your assets.

Start right away with our turn-key solution:

  • Access to our dashboard and apps
  • API (pull or push via webhook)
  • LoRa, WiFi, GPS and BLE localisation service
  • Geofence service
  • History of all location and sensordata for one year
  • We can optional deliver LoRa or cellular connectivity

Dashboard demo

You can login to our demo environment and API documentation with the following credentials:

  • Username: demo-user1
  • Password: demo-user1

Highly Configurable

The ioTracker contains multiple preset configurations, which can cover many use cases. If needed, the individual parameters can be tuned to match your business needs. Almost every setting of the ioTracker can be changed — over-the-air (OTAA) — via a downlink command, allowing you to reconfigure your ioTrackers wherever they are.

We have a sophisticated protocol specification available for our customers. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Integrate with the ioTracker

  • Option 1

    Use the ioTracker applications and easily integrate your own software with our API

  • Option 2

    Integrate de ioTracker directly in your own software (hardware-only)

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